Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Brown Rice Porridge (gluten free)

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This recipe is good for sensitive stomachs; those who need to cut down on sugars (even natural ones) can omit the honey!

1-2 cups brown rice (short grain is best, but any variety is fine)
3 cups water (approximately)
1/2 cup soy milk
Generous handful of dried cranberries and dried mango (cut into bite-sized pieces)
1 tbs chia seeds
1 tbs brown linseeds
1 tsp raw honey
1 tbs Natural yoghurt

Boil brown rice in water and add dried fruit. Cook until rice grains are soft. Spoon into bowls (this mix will last around 3 days in the fridge).
To serve, reheat rice with soy milk, mix through the honey, top with seeds and serve with natural yoghurt.

For a bit of variety, substitute half a cup of rice for millet (hulled or un-hulled - doesn't matter) and half cup of quinoa. Cook in exactly the same way.

Thank you to Honest to Goodness customer, Elizabeth McIntosh (@OrganicSydney), for kindly sharing this recipe!

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