Saturday, December 17, 2011

Three Tips You Must Know When Baking With Spelt

1. Baking with spelt is similar to baking with other flours, however, due to spelt's solubility, bakers often notice that a little less water is required. When using your favorite recipes, it is suggested that you use 3/4 of the liquid that you normally would use. More liquid can then be added until the look and feel of the batter is satisfactory.

**Be sure you make note of what you do so you can repeat your successes**

2. Spelt has fragile gluten meaning that the initial mix time (when water is first added to the flour) should be no more than 4 minutes - although 3 1/2 minutes is ideal.

3. Mix the flour/liquid enough to get the dough to become homogenous (smooth). Once mixed, you can treat the dough as though it were made with regular wheat.

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