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Dried peas with garlic seasoning(Vatane Saru-upkari)

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by Shilpa on December 16, 2006, Source from AaYi's Recpies

Some 2-3 months back, Aruna had sent me recipes of many dishes. This was one of them. She said, “You must be knowing we prepare different types of saru-upkari. Basically it is just pressure cooking the pulses and adding a seasoning/phanna of mustard, red/green chilies and garlic. On the fasting days, curry leaves are used instead of garlic. This is a little different type than the authentic saru-upkari, which my mom makes and we all like it. One can have this like soup. Once in a while, my mom cooks this and simple upkaris. No daal or no randayi. Whenever everyone gets bored of daal, this dish is prepared. She makes this out of all pulses”.

I was hearing the name Saru-upkari for the first time. In Konkani, Saru means, something like rasam, it is a watery dish used both as a drink and gravy. Upkari means a dry stir fried dish with coconut. After exchanging 2-3 mails with Aruna, I understood that, Saru-upkari is a combination of both these. In other words, it is a watery upkari with pulses. Thanks Aruna, for introducing me to this dish.

Read Manjula’s version of saru-upkari.

1 cup yellow dried peas(vatane)
1 tomato
2 garlic cloves crushed (or 4-5 Indian small garlic cloves)
1/2 tea spn mustard seeds
2 green chilies
A pinch turmeric
1 tea spn oil
1 tbl spn grated coconut(optional)

I used green dried peas instead of yellow ones. Any pulses can be used. Tastes good with Kulith(Horsegram), chowli (Black eyed beans), black chana, moong, tingaavro(navy beans) and maybe many others.


Soak the yellow peas overnight and pressure cook with turmeric and green chills until soft and mushy. Allow to cool.
Keep oil for seasoning, add mustard. When they start popping, add crushed garlic and fry till garlic is slightly brown. Add the tomatoes and cook for 2 min. Now add the boiled peas and mix well. Add required water and bring to boil.
Serve hot with rice.

Serves : 2-3
Preparation time : 30mins

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