Saturday, August 25, 2012

There Are No Plums in Plum Pudding


It happens every year. Somewhere between roast turkey and squash pie someone will start asking about Christmas. We will sit and talk about the next feast for hours, but nothing ever gets set in stone that day. The ideas and planning will go on for weeks. It never works to tell everyone to bring something because sometimes we end up with three or four of the same dish. The only thing agreed upon was that Christmas dinner would be at my place as usual. The menu will be worked out in the next few weeks.
One of the topics happened to be about plum pudding. Someone did not know what it was. Someone else had it confused with fruit cake and another thought it was mince meat pie. I came to the conclusion that none of them had ever eaten plum pudding. I have not had made it for years, so my mission is to make plum pudding this year for Christmas dinner.
Plum pudding is simple to make. You will need 1-cup chopped suet, 1-cup chopped apples, 1-cup chopped and blanched almonds, 1-cup raisins, 1-cup currants, 1-cup candied cherries, 1-cup candied citron and 1-cup candied pineapple. Mix all of those together well.
Next mix together 1-cup flour, 1-cup sugar, 1-cup cracker crumbs, 1-teaspoon allspice and 1-teaspoon cinnamon. Add that to the fruit and mix well. Beat 2-eggs and 2/3rd-cup of milk and mix with the fruit mixture.
Now fill custard cups or ramekins 2/3-full and cover with foil. Place in pan with 1-inch of water in the bottom. Cover with foil and bake in 300-degree oven for three hours. Serve with lemon or hard brandy sauce. This makes a nice compliment for ham.
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