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London Broil With Brussels Sprouts in a Pecan Butter Sauce Recipe


This is a great meal for anyone to try whether a novice cook or intermediate. I will list in detail on how to prepare this meal from start to finish. It should take no more than 45 minutes from start to finish.
Ingredients needed for the London Broil:
6 to 8 ounce flank steak
T/T = to taste Coarse black pepper and kosher salt
2 Ounces of olive oil, or canola oil
1 Ounce of fresh squeezed Lemon Juice
1-2 cloves of garlic
2 Thyme sprigs
To prepare the London Broil you will first remove all of the silver skin and the excess fat on the flank steak. You will then salt and pepper the flank steak. You will then marinade the flank steak in the oil, garlic, lemon juice. You will cut the thyme up in a very coarse chop and press into the meat. You will put it into the fridge while you are preparing the Brussels sprouts.
Ingredients needed for the Brussels Sprouts in Pecan Butter:
1/4 Pound of Brussels sprouts
1 Tablespoon of whole butter
1 Ounce of chopped pecans
T/T salt and pepper
You will first trim the bottom of the sprouts and score the bottom with an X pattern. You will need to blanch these in hot water and blanch them for about 3-5 maybe even 7 minutes or until they are starting to get very green in color and somewhat tender. It will depend on the size of the sprouts if they are large in size it will take longer for them to cook. Once they are ready you will remove them from the heat and shock them in a water bath with ice to cool them very rapidly. You will drain and hold them for a bit.
Next you will remove your flank steak from the refrigerator and remove the thyme and pat it semi dry. If you have access to a grill in your kitchen you will want to get it prepared/heated for your meat to go on to. You will also preheat your oven to about 400 to 450 degrees. Once your grill top is ready you will do what is called Quadriallge it is a French term for scoring the meat with the nice grill pattern or grill marks on the meat. You will put the meat on the grill, and turn from what would be 2 and 4 on the clock to produce the nice diamond grill marks on the flesh of the meat. Make sure the meat is not sticking, but do not force it up from the grill. When it lifts easily it is ready to be turned. Once you have the steak marked nicely you will add to the oven for about 5 minutes or so. I would not recommend leaving it any longer this steak needs to be served rare or medium rare or it will be tough to eat. While it is in the oven you will need to get a sauté pan to finish your Brussels sprouts.
Take your sauté pan and add it to a med to med high heat. Once it is heated add your chopped pecans and roast for about 30 seconds to a minute. You will then add your butter, but be careful you don't want to burn it, so you may need to reduce the heat. You will them add your sprouts and sauté them and add your salt an pepper to taste. If you have a lid, when they are done cut the heat and cover until you are ready for service. This should take only about 5 minutes. You will now remove your flank steak from the oven and let it rest until you are ready for service. You will now make the Mushroom Sauce.
Ingredients for the mushroom sauce:
1 Cup of a demi glace or you can use a really good quality beef based broth. Superior products or Better Than Bouillon works in a pinch. Follow the instructions on what makes a cup of this product.
3 Ounces of mushrooms
1 Ounce of Sherry
1 Ounce of Brandy
1 Tablespoon of Shallot
2 Tablespoons of whole butter cut into pieces
In a sauce pan you will add the shallots and the sherry and reduce until almost dry or au sec. You will then add your demi glace, or beef broth, and Brandy and reduce on a high heat until reduced by half. Once the liquid is becoming thick you will reduce the heat and start to ready your plate for service. You will add the sprouts, and you will take the flank steak and cut across the grain into about 1/4 inch sections. You will then spread them across the plate and finish the sauce quickly and apply to the London broil. You will make sure the sauce is reduced and thick. You will remove from the heat and add the whole butter and swirl it in the pan until melted. You will then add it to the London broil for the sauce. It is now time to eat. Enjoy!
If you want to do this for a group of people add 1 portion of this recipe per person. This recipe is based on a single serving.
Chef Shelley Pogue, a Cum Laude, Le Cordon Blue graduate and Executive Research and Development Chef, for Vertical Sales and Marketing, San Ramon, CA. Shelley is also the desserts editor for

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