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Easy Recipes - How to Cook Brussel Sprouts


Brussel sprouts are one of those vegetables that many people think they should eat, because eating vegetables is good for you. But in reality no one wants to actually eat them, because, well, they are vegetables, and as a result they do not tasty good. Not anymore! In this article I will share with you the easiest, and at the same time extremely delicious recipe for cooking Brussels sprouts.
So if you are wondering how to cook Brussel sprouts, so that they are tasty and good for you, no more worries! Read this article for the easiest recipe that you have ever made!
Many people tell me that they have tried boiling Brussel sprouts, and decided that they weren't good. That is true, because it is hard to boil vegetables and make them taste good. A lot of people simply cook their vegetables way too long, and as a result they turn grey, look bad and taste even worse. A lot of people boil their vegetables for a very simple reason - it is easy to do. Unfortunately, when the vegetable does not taste that good after boiling, no one eats it, which is not the result you are looking for.
Another way people sometimes use to cook Brussels sprouts is sauteing them in a lot of oil and butter, and then add various things to it, including nuts, bacon and others. While those ideas will probably leave you with a better dish, then just boiling, it is still an involved recipe. Plus, by adding lots of butter, nuts and bacon you are adding additional calories to your recipe.
So if you are wondering about cooking Brussel Sprouts, here is the recipe for you:
How To Cook Brussel Sprouts
You will need a pound of Brussels sprouts, salt, pepper and olive oil. That's it! Yes, that's it, just four ingredients!
Wash the sprouts, cut into halves, salt, pepper, add some olive oil, mix and roast. Enjoy!
That's it - as you can see this is an extremely easy recipe, but you will not believe how great roasted Brussel sprouts taste!
Find out exactly how to roast your Brussels sprouts so that they come out very tasty! Get the recipe and see the picture of roasted Brussels sprouts at cooking Brussel Sprouts

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