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Healthy Asparagus Recipes


You will typically find two forms of asparagus in the store: white, also known as blanched and green.
But there is no confusion as to how they differ In fact the green and white asparagus comes from similar type of plant, but because of the fact that the shoots are shielded from light. This strips them of sufficient chlorophyll and the vegetable doesn't turn green. The white asparagus has a subtle flavor, particularly when compared to green They are grown underground and are harvested only when the top of the plant surfaces to the ground.
A good green asparagus will be green all along length of its stalk. Moreover the stalk shouldn't be rigid or dried and should ideally be brittle and breakable when bent. A pliable asparagus is a clear sign that it's wilted.
Since asparagus is grown and harvested in sandy soil, it is essential to wash it adequately. You will be well advised clean the tip with a brush and dip and wash the stalks in warm water.
The base of asparagus is usually tough and can be used in soups and can also be used as a supplementary ingredient in some other vegetable dishes.
The tougher ends of the asparagus need more cooking than the tender tips. For this reason a special pot can be used. The asparagus is stood in boiling water so that the harder stalks are in the water and the tips steam. In this way the whole stalk will cook evenly.
You could also choose to peel the stalks and cook the rest of the asparagus, many do this.
The softness of the stalks is an indicator that the asparagus is well cooked. You could serve them hot or cold. Its generally served cold with vinaigrette dressing or hot with hollandaise sauce and butter.
Recipe to prepare Asparagus Cream Soup.
A nice bunch of Asparagus, preferably green.
Two tablespoons flour
Butter, for that creamy flavor, two spoonfuls
Add two cups mild.
Heavy cream(1/2 cut).
Add pepper and salt according to taste
Like already stated above, you could cook the asparagus in vertical position or simply cut the stalks and cook them individually. Here we will cut the stalks and cook them independently Once the stalks are cooked, do not throw the cooking water, save it. Mash the cooked softer stalk in a mixer.
Scald 2 cups of milk. Add 2 tablespoons of flour and make a roux by gently cooking until the flour is heated and the lumps are stirred out. Now its time to add the cooking water(the water in which asparagus was cooked) and cook for some more time until the soup thickens.
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