Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Some Best Mashed Potatoes Recipes


In many homes, mashed potatoes are seen often as a side dish at the table. They go well with any meat, vegetable and gravy. The great thing about mashed potatoes is the range you are able to choose from. Simply by choosing a different potato, you can give them a completely different taste. There are many spices and other ingredients that can be added to the mixture to provide some extra flavor. Some individuals find mashing potatoes a straightforward task that is easy to do, whereas others put a lot of effort and time into making it to perfection.
Picking the potato of choice, is step one to creating a simple potato mixture. Some people enjoy the taste of red, golden, baking or russet potatoes used in their dishes. Depending on the number of people you are feeding you need more or less potatoes but normally for one family 5 or 6 potatoes is plenty. The potatoes ought to be washed or scrubbed and put into a pot of boiling water. When you place the potatoes in the pot, flip the stove down to about medium and let them boil. It normally takes about 30-45 minutes for the potatoes to become soft and prepared for mashing. Before you add something to the potatoes, you will want to drain the water from the pot. The potatoes can stay right within the pot, as you add the other items. Three teaspoons of butter and three/four cups of milk, is normally enough to get the potatoes started. A potato masher is required to smash up the soft potatoes and help mix up the butter and milk. When the mixture looks fairly smooth, you can add more butter or milk as needed. Utilizing more milk will create a smoother mixture, whereas adding extra butter will give it a buttery taste. For a richer and creamer potato mixture you may substitute the milk for heavy cream and by including in some green spices, you can make a big difference. Probably the most commonly used spices include, bay leaves and chives. They work nicely by bringing all the flavors and ingredients together.
For cheese lovers, there are many sorts that you would be able to include in your dish. Cream cheese comes in many flavors and may be added to give the potatoes a richer and heavier feeling to them. Shredded cheese could be added to the top of the dish, or blended into it. The cheese will give the potato mixture a pleasant color and some texture to enjoy. Half a cup of sour cream is another frequent ingredient present in potato mixtures, it also works well with any chives and bay leaves that could be inside the dish. There are many ways to have your potatoes mashed properly. Some prefer the steel hand masher, that presses down the potatoes and helps to blend in the butter and milk. And other individuals use an electrical mixer to whip up their fluffy potato dish. The mixer will give the potatoes a perfectly smooth texture but if you happen to like having a couple o chunks in your dish, then a hand held masher will do the trick.
There are mashed potatoes recipes for each ones taste and cooking skill. The key to discovering an ideal dish, is to test out a number of ingredients and experiment with potato types. Only then will you discover ways to make the perfect potato dish for you and your family because everyone's taste is unique and everyone will have his own version of perfect mashed potatoes.
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